Purpose: Responsible for planning and implementing the annual Representative Assembly.

You can contact the Convention Planning Committee by emailing: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Convention Planning Committee Members:

Amy Grittani (South-Western EA), Chair and Executive Board Liaison
Jamel Ammons (Newark, EA)
Ami Baumgartner (South-Western EA)
Sandra Bell Duckworth (OEA-R)
Noel Blevins (Newark TA)
Mark Brugger (Westerville E.A.)
Rhonda Gilpin (Westerville EA)
Paige Harding (Gahanna EA)
Stephanie Jones (Amanda Clearcreek EA)
Kevin Kestner (South-Western EA)
Tammy Koontz (SCOPE),
Chris Menhorn (Reynoldsburg EA)
Joan Miller (Gahanna EA)
Kimberly Myers (Springfield SEUSS)
Gina Pullin (Hilliard EA)
Erin Stevens (Pickerington EA)
David Schottner (Bexley EA)
Russell Hughlock – Staff Liaison