Purpose: Responsible for planning and implementing the annual Representative Assembly.

Convention Planning Committee Members:

Amy Grittani (South-Western EA), Chair and Executive Board Liaison
Ami Baumgartner (South-Western EA)
Noel Blevins (Newark TA)
Mark Brugger (Westerville EA)
Sandra Bell Duckworth (OEA-R)
Rhonda Gilpin (Westerville EA)
Paige Harding (Gahanna EA)
Tammy Koontz (SCOPE)
Kimberly Myers (Springfield SEUSS)
Gina Pullin (Hilliard EA)
David Schottner (Bexley EA)
Eric Sottosarti (SCOPE)
Wil Vickery (OEA-R)
Erin Stevens (Pickerington EA)
Russell Hughlock – Staff Liaison