Who Is Telling Our Story?

The Fund for Children and Public Education (FCPE) is a non-partisan, political action fund for candidates who support the values of public educators.

The law prohibits members’ dues dollars being used for contributions to candidates for office; therefore, the voluntary FCPE contributions you make are one of the ways we tell the story of what we believe. We believe…
  • Teachers and Support Staff are committed to the success of every child.
  • Students need to be at the center of education reform.
  • To ensure the success of every child, teachers, students, parents, and POLITICIANS need to be held accountable.

FCPE is ultimately about issues, not candidates. If you care about any of the following issues:
  • Class Size
  • Standardized Tests
  • Salary
  • Common Core
  • Evaluations
  • Value-Added
  • Working Conditions
  • Retirement
Then FCPE is important to you, too.
By becoming politically active, we don't guarantee ourselves success in public policy debates, but it does guarantee us a seat at the policy-making table and allows us to tell our story.

If your local would like assistance with your FCPE program, or would like help organizing a FCPE drive, please contact Central's FCPE Political Action Coordinator, here.


FCPE PAC   Molly Wassmuth

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Public education employees have a personal stake in the outcome of decisions made by public officials. Salary, retirement protection, working conditions and even work hours are determined by elected or appointed officials.