Could you use money to engage your members and the community?
Need some start-up funds for a special project that will promote your local in the community?
Strengthening the relationship between a local association and the community is a key element in building a strong and successful local association. Participation in community events also offers locals the opportunity to enhance their visibility as vital, contributing members of their communities.

Locals are eligible for a Central OEA/NEA’s Public Relations Grant of up to $500 once every three years. Central will fund up to 20 locals per year. The grant is considered seed money. It is hoped that the local will build the activity into their budget over that period and be prepared to continue the program after Central OEA/NEA’s initial investment.

Locals must have had a member attend the Central Representative Assembly, All-Area meeting or Area meeting, within the last 12 months, to be eligible for a Central OEA/NEA Growth and Development Grant.

Central OEA/NEA’S Public Relations Grant is designed to provide support to locals in engaging their members with the community. Grant funds can be used for a variety of items including, but not limited to:
Fair Booth
Involvement in a local charitable event Races
Yard signs

The following guidelines will be used for grant application review:
1. Grant proposals should promote education through the educator, local association and Central OEA/NEA
2. Grant proposals that enhance the local education association status will be given first consideration
3. Any items created should include the name of the local association
4. Central OEA/NEA’s name should be prominently displayed in any publicity and should be credited with assisting in the presentation of the project
5. Locals must have had a member attend the Central Representative Assembly, All-Area meeting or Area meeting within the last 12 months to be eligible for a Central OEA/NEA Public Relations Grant
6. Submission of a photo of members participating in the event or with the items, along with copies of news coverage (local newsletter coverage is acceptable)

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