Central's Local Participation Award Program is intended to build stronger, better-informed Local Associations by rewarding active participation in Central’s programming, along with meeting other defined criteria. Local Associations that meet all the required criteria (see below) will earn a total award of $1300 annually. An initial awards payment will be made to Local Associations in January, with the balance of the award paid in June.

Qualifying Events:

Attend fall and winter Area Meetings* 100
3 or more Education Advocate Leaders* 50
Attend and vote at both OEA RAs** 100
Elect full complement of delegates to OEA RA** 100
Attend and vote at Central RA* 100
Attend OEA Treasurers’ Workshop* 50
Constitution & Bylaws compliance** 50
Produce and submit four or more local newsletters*** 200
Meet your OEA Fund goal** 50
Membership: 90%+ or increase by 3%** 200
Attend FCPE candidate screening** 50
Attend Central’s building rep training* 50
Attend Central’s presidents training* 50
Attend Central’s All Area Dinner* 50
Members attending Central’s Power Up Conference* 50
Members attending Central’s Diversity Conference* 50
TOTAL $1300

*Online registration via Central's website is mandatory for tracking local association attendance at events and determining monetary awards.
**Data received from OEA or Central OEA/NEA
***Submit to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Member Communication/Newsletter
Quarterly newsletters shall go out to all local members and share from the following suggestions along with any local news:
1. Central, OEA and/or NEA upcoming events for: PD, leadership development, diversity training, lobbying, FCPE drive, RA news, etc.
2. Local tidbits: such as meeting dates and places, a “contractual right of members”, something positive about one or more member or local committee
3. Share with your local’s newsletter editor that s/he should send a digital copy when sending to your members to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..