Central's Local Participation Award Program is intended to build stronger, better-informed locals by rewarding active participation in Central’s programming, along with meeting other defined criteria. Locals that meet all ten (10) required criteria (see below) will earn a total award of $1000 annually. An initial awards payment will be made to local associations in January, with the balance of the award paid in June.

Qualifying Events: Locals will be awarded for:
  • attending each of the two (2) Area Meetings --$50 each; $100 total
  • attending and voting at the Fall and Spring OEA Representative Assemblies -- $50 each; $100 total
  • attending and voting at the Central RA -- $100
  • attending Central’s Winter Leadership Conference -- $100
  • attending the OEA Treasurers Workshop -- $100
  • keeping your Constitution & Bylaws in compliance and on file with OEA, or proof that a process has been put in place to meet compliance -- $100
  • producing and submitting a local newsletter (at least 2 per year) and/or a local communications plan -- $100
  • meeting your OEA FCPE goal -- $100
  • increasing membership by at least 3% or maintaining it at 90% or higher -- $100
  • electing a full complement of delegates to OEA Representative Assembly -- $100
Online registration via Central's web site is mandatory for tracking local association attendance at events and determining monetary awards.