Central’s Growth & Development Grants are intended to: support ideas that grow and develop locals, increase member engagement, and help locals continuously become stronger and more effective.

Locals may apply more than once at any time during the year. Please note it may take up to 60 days to review, process and be approved. Any monies spent prior to application approval will not be reimbursed.

Locals must have had a member attend the Central Representative Assembly, All-Area meeting or Area meeting, within the last 12 months, to be eligible for a Central OEA/NEA Growth and Development Grant.

Each application must designate a Grant Coordinator who will receive a $100 stipend for being in charge of the local's grant process.

All grants will be paid on a reimbursement basis. If a local has a special need to receive grant funds prior to completion of an activity, advancement of grant funds will be considered upon request. No gift cards (per NEA recommendation) or alcohol will be reimbursed.

All expenditures must be submitted on the Growth & Development Voucher form. The voucher will require:
  • the date/s the activities were completed
  • an itemization of the individual expenditures for goods or services for the specific goal
  • the itemized cost/s of the purchased items or services
  • an attached sheet bearing the original itemized receipts verifying the delineated expenditures

The Project Manager is available to meet with local grant coordinators at their request to assist with applications.
Per Central vendor policy, unionized firms or suppliers, if available, shall provide goods or services.

You may apply online using this form