The 2022 Central OEA/NEA Diversity conference was held on January 22nd. Three sessions were presented.

Session 1 A Legal Look at Diversity (begins at 4:18)
Presented by Makia Burns.

Makia Burns is a staff liaison for The Ohio Education Association. Makia focuses on Professional Development for members and focuses on laws that affect members teaching skills and parameters.

Session 2 Counseling Students with Diverse Backgrounds (begins at 1:03:24)
Presented by Ernest White.

Ernest White is a Strategies for Intervention and Prevention Program School Counselor for Licking Heights Local Schools. Ernest focuses on working with at-risk youths within the district who have faced disciplinary issues.

You can download material for this session here.

Session 3 Classroom Diversity Tips (begins at 2:20:00)
Presented by Aneeka Farrell.

Aneeka Farrell is a prominent member of the Washington Education Association. Aneeka's experience, working with implicit bias in classrooms, gives her a keen insight as to how to build peer to peer relationships and work with students of all backgrounds.

You can download the Zoom chat here.