Central’s Growth & Development Grants are intended to: support ideas that grow and develop locals, increase member engagement, and help locals continuously become stronger and more effective.

Locals may apply at any time during the year, please note it may take up to 60 days to review and process.

Locals must conduct OEA Representative Assembly delegate elections in the fall and submit results to OEA to be considered for a Central OEA/NEA grant. Applications will not be considered until we receive election results from OEA (late October/early November).

Each application must designate a Grant Coordinator who will receive a $100 stipend for being in charge of the local's grant process.

When applying for this grant, locals must choose ONE of the eight indicators in the Ohio Education Association’s Local Assessment Tool that best fits the grant proposal's goals.

As you review the Local Assessment Tool, you will find suggested activities and recommended initiatives that support the indicator’s growth.

Locals may apply for more than one grant during the school year, but the total amount per school year may not exceed the maximum allowed pursuant to the size of the local.

Click here for the OEA Local Assessment Tool.

The maximum grant amount per school year is based on the membership of the local:
  • 1-100 members - up to $1,500
  • 101-400 members - up to $2,500
  • 401-800 members - up to $3,500
  • 801+ members - up to $4,500

All grants will be paid on a reimbursement basis. If a local has a special need to receive grant funds prior to completion of an activity, advancement of grant funds will be considered upon request. No gift cards (per NEA recommendation) or alcohol will be reimbursed.

All expenditures must be submitted on the Growth & Development Voucher form. The voucher will require:
  • the date/s the activities were completed
  • an itemization of the individual expenditures for goods or services for the specific goal
  • the itemized cost/s of the purchased items or services
  • an attached sheet bearing the original itemized receipts verifying the delineated expenditures
The evaluation of the local’s grant will be based on the local’s success in meeting the goals tied to the OEA local assessment. Grants will be reviewed and if the local’s goal is not met, future grant funding is in jeopardy.

The Project Manager is available to meet with local grant coordinators at their request to assist with applications. Per Central vendor policy, unionized firms or suppliers, if available, shall provide goods or services.

You may apply online using this form

Central OEA/NEA offers a number of grant and incentive programs for its locals. A brief description of each can be found below. A more detailed description, including how to apply, can be found using the appropriate menu on the right.

Local Technology Award
On a three-year rotating basis, Central OEA/NEA will provide each local with one laptop (PC/Windows-based) or iPad to assist with organizing and communicating with members. To receive a laptop, a local officer must complete the Technology Award online registration by October 1st AND have a local officer present at the November All Area Meeting to pick it up. If a local officer cannot attend the All Area Meeting, the laptop/iPad will not be awarded.

Please note: Computers will no longer be provided through Growth and Development Grants.

Local Participation Award Program
Central's Local Participation Award Program is intended to build stronger, better-informed locals by rewarding active participation in Central’s programming, as well as meeting other defined criteria. Locals that meet all nine (9) required criteria will earn a total award of $800 annually.

Growth & Development Grants
Central’s Growth & Development Grants are intended to: support ideas that grow and develop locals, increase member engagement, and help locals continuously become stronger and more effective.

Local Emergency Grants
The Local Emergency Grant Program was created to assist local associations with projects of an immediate or urgent nature. Community initiatives such as school district levy or bond campaigns are examples of activities that align with the intended target of these grants.

Lobby Day Substitute Grant
In order to allow members to participate in OEA Lobby Days, when they may not otherwise be able to, Central can award up to $100 per local to cover the expense of a substitute. To qualify, a local must have conducted an FCPE drive.

Central OEA/NEA is organized into 5 geographic areas, numbered 1 through 5. Each area has an elected Area Representative (except area 5, which has 3), who serves on the Central OEA/NEA Executive Board. Central OEA/NEA also employs an area Political Action Coordinator for each area.

Local Area
Adena E.A.4
Amanda-Clearcreek E.A.1
Amanda-Clearcreek S.S.A.1
Bellefontaine E.A.3
Benjamin Logan E.A.3
Berne Union E.A.1
Bexley E.A. 5
Big Walnut E.A.2
Big Walnut Prof S.S.2
Bloom Carroll E.A.1
Buckeye Valley T.A.2
Canal Winchester E.A.5
Chillicothe E.A.4
Circleville E.A.4
Clark Co. Assn of SE3
Clark Co. Vocational EA3
Clark-Shawnee Local EA3
Columbus State E.A.5
Delaware City T.A.2
Delaware JVS E.A.2
Dublin E.A.5
Dublin S.S.A.5
Eastland E.A.5
Elgin E.A.2
Fairbanks E.A.2
Fairfield Union E.A.1
Forest Rose E.A.1
Franklin Co BD of DD EA5
Gahanna-Jefferson E.A.5
Graham E.A.3
Grandview Hts Educ. SSA5
Grandview Hts. E.A.5
Granville E.A.1
Greenfield Ex Vlg E.A.4
Groveport-Madison E.A.5
Hamilton Local E.A.5
Heath E.A.1
Heath ED’L .S.S.A.1
Hilliard E.A.5
Huntington Local E.A. 4
Indian Lake A.C.E.3
Indian Lake E.A.3
Johnstown E.A.1
Jonathan Alder E.A.4
Lakewood A. Clasfd.1
Lakewood T.A- Licking  1
Lancaster E.A.1
Lancaster S.S.A 1
Liberty Union Thurston E.A.1
Licking Heights E.A.1
Licking Heights Local ESP1
Licking Valley E.A.1
Logan Elm C.T.A.4
London City E.A.4
Madison Plains E.A.4
Marion E.A.2
Marysville E.A.2
Mechanicsburg E.A.3
Miami Trace E.A.4
Miami Trace S.S.4
Newark T.A.1
North Fork E.A.1
North Union E.A.2
Northeastern Local A. of S.E.3
Northeastern Local E.A.3
Northridge E.A.- Licking 1
Northwestern A.S.E.3
Northwestern T.A.- Clark 3
Olentangy T.A.2
Paint Valley Local T.A. 4
Pickaway Ross T.A.4
Pickerington E.A.1
Pickerington S.S.A.1
Plain Local E.A.- Franklin 5
Pleasant A. of T. 2
Reynoldsburg E.A.5
Reynoldsburg S.S.A.5
Ridgedale T.A.2
River Valley Employees Assn.2
River Valley T.A.2
South-Western E.A.5
Southeastern Local E.A. (Clark)3
Southeastern Local E.S.P. (Clark)3
Southeastern Local T.A. (Ross)4
Southwest Licking E.A.1
Springfield City ESP- SEUSS3
Springfield E.A. (Clark)3
Teays Valley C.T.A.4
Tecumseh E.A.3
Tolles E.A.4
Tri-Rivers E.A.2
Union Scioto E.A.4
Unioto Support Assn.4
United Riverside E.A.3
Upper Arlington E.A.5
Urbana A.C.T.3
Walnut Twp E.A.1
Washington E.A.- Fayette 4
West Jefferson E.A.4
West Liberty Salem E.A.3
Westerville E.A.5
Westerville Education S.S.A.5
Westfall E.A.4
Whitehall E.A.5
Worthington E.A.5
Worthington E.S.P.5
Zane Trace E.A.4
Zane Trace S.S.P. ASSN4

Central OEA/NEA encompasses 8 OEA units. Each unit is represented by an elected OEA Board of Directors member, who serve on the Central Executive committee.

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