Area Dates

Jan/Feb 2018
1/23 - Area 1
1/29 - Area 3
1/30 - Area 4
1/31 - Area 5

September 2018
9/20 - Area 1
9/24 - Area 3
9/26 - Area 5
9/27 - Area 4
10/3 - Area 2

Jan/Feb 2019
1/21 - Area 3
1/29 - Area 4
1/30 - Area 5
2/4 - Area 2
2/5 Area 1


As part of our mission, Central OEA/NEA offers members scholarships to attend Central, OEA and NEA conferences and events that promote leadership, involvement, diversity, and building and supporting locals. Members must apply online. Active and open scholarships can be applied for using the links shown on the right.

Below are some of the conferences and events that Central offers scholarships to attend. As details become available, we will publish them on our front page.

Central Winter Leadership Conference
Central conferences and events are free to attend for all members. However Central offers scholarships to help cover the cost of hotels for members who live more than 30 miles from the venue.

Central Summer Leadership/Bargaining Conference
Central conferences and events are free to attend for all members. However Central offers scholarships to help cover the cost of hotels for members who live more than 30 miles from the venue.

NEA Leadership Summit
NEA is committed to enhancing the Activist Leaders from all segments of the Association. We want to prepare our leaders with the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to lead a relevant and thriving organization. The Summit is an incredible learning experience to serve as entry for your continuous learning journey. Leaders will receive holistic content focused on national and Association-wide issues- as well as individual and organizational needs. The Summit will support a competency-based model of developing great leaders. Competencies serve as a guide for what Association leaders should know and be able to effectively lead within our organization. NEA’s Leadership Development Competencies include: Advocacy, Business, Communication, Governance and Leadership, Leading our Professions, and Organizing. Special pre-conference workshops specifically targeted women and minorities will also be offered.

NEA ESP National Conference
The ESP National Conference is NEA’s premier event for ESP members nationwide. The goal of the conference is to enhance the skills and knowledge of ESP members to positively impact student achievement, build community relations, organize members, advocate for educators, build stronger locals, and help our members do their jobs better. Special pre-conference workshops specifically targeted for emerging and advanced Association leaders will also be offered and will require your nomination. One of the highlights of every ESP National Conference is the ESP of the Year Award ceremony.

NEA Retired Conference
The NEA-Retired Organizing Conference is devoted to training retired members to organize their communities to advance the cause of public education.

OAESP Summer Leadership Meeting
This conference is designed for Educational Support Personnel with common interest to promote public education and to provide a voice for the support personnel cause throughout the State of Ohio.

OEA Advocacy and Organizing Institute formerly OEA Collective Bargaining Conference
The OEA Advocacy and Organizing Institute Conference offers empowering training for local leaders and bargaining team members that addresses:
· The importance of negotiating, protecting and strengthening a collective bargaining agreement;
· The value of growing individual member investment in, and enforcement of, their collective bargaining agreement; and
· The benefits of educating members of the challenges that they, their local association and the OEA are facing.

Central will awarded $100 scholarships to cover the registration cost for the conference which includes an overnight room (based on double occupancy) for Friday, and meals provided at the conference. The recipient will be responsible for all other expenses incurred.

OEA Summer Academy
The OEA Summer Academy provides the ability for emerging and prospective leaders of the association to obtain practical knowledge and leadership skills for strengthening the local association. Central will award $100 scholarships to cover the cost of registration. This does not include the cost of the hotel.


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Elected officials enact policies that affect our students, our schools and the daily lives of educators. Decisions regarding school funding, services, curriculum standards, licensure, class sizes and evaluations are all made by elected officials. As Ohio’s legislators consider policies that affect public education, it is critical that they hear from educators—the true experts on education issues. As teachers, faculty and education support professionals, OEA members have an obligation to get involved in these decisions and make their voices heard.

Being informed is half the battle.

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Teacher Information, Planning, and Support Program

TIPS ( Teacher Information, Planning, and Support) Program

Rationale - A major issue addressed at the RA this year was concern and frustration regarding OTES and its impact on teaching. In speaking with teachers across Central, there is a real concern about what our union is doing for teachers caught in the cross hairs of this system. This program is a baby step toward addressing those concerns. By matching volunteers who received an ineffective or developing rating with a retiree, both can benefit. The teacher would know that their union is standing with them and the retiree would stay involved in the association and encourage a colleague still in the classroom.

We will set up a pilot this year involving 5 locals and up to 10 retirees. Each local could select 2 volunteers to participate in the program. The responsibilities of the retiree would be to encourage the active teacher going through OTES again after receiving an ineffective or developing rating. This encouragement would come in the form of notes of encouragement, positive listening and goal setting. We will use a similar format as the Intergenerational Mentoring Program.

The purpose of the program is to encourage and support, not instruct or criticize. We are very aware of the need to not take on the responsibility of the school district to provide instructional support to staff on improvement plans. Our meetings would take place outside of school hours and center on moral support for the staff member. Each retiree would be asked to submit a midterm and a final report on the process. The final report would include an evaluation of the program.
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