Central OEA/NEA offers a number of grant and incentive programs for its locals. A brief description of each can be found below. A more detailed description, including how to apply, can be found using the appropriate menu on the right.

Local Technology Award
On a three-year rotating basis, Central OEA/NEA will provide each local with one laptop (PC/Windows-based) or iPad to assist with organizing and communicating with members. To receive a laptop, a local officer must complete the Technology Award online registration by October 2 AND have a local officer present at the November 10th All Area Meeting to pick it up. If a local officer cannot attend the All Area Meeting, the laptop/iPad will not be awarded.

Please note: Computers will no longer be provided through Growth and Development Grants.

Local Participation Award Program
Central's Local Participation Award Program is intended to build stronger, better-informed locals by rewarding active participation in Central’s programming, as well as meeting other defined criteria. Locals that meet all ten (10) required criteria will earn a total award of $1000 annually.

Growth & Development Grants
Central’s Growth & Development Grants are intended to: support ideas that grow and develop locals, increase member engagement, and help locals continuously become stronger and more effective.

Local Emergency Grants
The Local Emergency Grant Program was created to assist local associations with projects of an immediate or urgent nature. Community initiatives such as school district levy or bond campaigns are examples of activities that align with the intended target of these grants.

Lobby Day Substitute Grant
In order to allow members to participate in OEA Lobby Days, when they may not otherwise be able to, Central can award up to $100 per local to cover the expense of a substitute. In order to qualify, the local must have conducted an FCPE drive.

Program/Workshop Administration Support Grants
In order to continue to expand Central’s professional development and leadership development programs throughout the entire Central region, Central offers incentives to any Central local association that hosts an off-site workshop in their area.