Dear Local Leader,

As you know, your local association is one of several OEA local associations within your House and Senate District.  As such, your local has the right to be part of the OEA House and Senate District Committee and should participate in the reorganization of these committees.  Under the FCPE Constitution, the local association president is designated as the FCPE representative, unless there is a designee appointed by the local association president.

This year, OEA is running the FCPE Reorganization meetings a bit differently.  In conjunction with OEA’s District Associations, we will be running our FCPE Reorganization meetings at the district level in one of several OEA District Association Convenings. Please RSVP your or your designee’s attendance by going to

 At these convenings, members will:

 Learn about the important races and issues on the 2018 ballot statewide

  • Discuss with OEA GR Staff the important legislative races in Central OEA/NEA
  • Elect your Delegate and Alternate to the OEA-FCPE State Convention and your House and Senate District Chair and Vice-Chair
  • Learn how you can get involved early in organizing your colleagues for the 2018 Election

Central OEA/NEA will convene on Wednesday, November 1, 2017 at OEA Headquarters beginning at 4:30pm. According to the FCPE Constitution & Bylaws, each House District and Senate District is entitled to a chairperson, vice-chair, a convention delegate and alternate.  The representatives within each House and Senate District, who are present at the meeting on November 1st, will elect people to fill these positions.  Please do not let your local go unrepresented at this important meeting.  Make certain that you or your designee is in attendance to elect a chairperson, vice-chair, convention delegate and alternate.

To be sure there will be adequate materials and refreshments, please RSVP your or your designee’s attendance by going to by Friday, October 27th whether you or your designee will or will not be attending the meeting.

Your Central OEA/NEA Leaders, OEA Governance, and/or Staff may be following up with you and we are both available to answer any questions you may have.  

If you have any questions or concerns about this process, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you for your attention to this request.