Executive Board

The 2015-16 Central Executive Board

Adrienne Bowden President
Kevin Griffin Vice President
Scott DiMauro OEA Vice President
Ty Tatman OEA Unit 1
Joy Bock OEA Unit 2
Dwayne Marshall OEA Unit 3
Soozie Hetterscheidt OEA Unit 4
Mark Hill OEA Unit 5
Jeff Caivano OEA Unit 6
Amy Grittani OEA Unit 7
Tammy Koontz OEA At-Large
Linna Jordan OEA At-Large
Heather Miller Area 1 Representative
Juliet Litzel Area 2 Representative
Jim Templeton Area 3 Representative
David Jardot Area 4 Representative
David Schottner Area 5 Representative
Mary Kennedy Area 5 Representative
Kim Cooper Area 5 Representative
Cheryl Williams ESP Representative
Dominic Marsano SCOPE Representative
Mary Binegar Retired Representative
Alexis Willoughby Student Representative
About Central OEA/NEA

947 Goodale Blvd, Columbus, OH 43212
Phone: 614-222-8228

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