Committee Purpose: Responsible for designing and implementing projects which serve the community and enhance the public perception of the Association, its members and public education.

Community Outreach Committee Members

Michelle Vayansky (Lakewood TA), Chair
Jamel Ammons (Newark TA)
Ami Baumgartner (South- Western EA)
Amber Clark (South-Western EA)
Stephanie Jones (Amanda Clearcreek EA)
Diana Long (Worthington SSA)
Melissa Mackey (Plain L.E.A.)
Dominic Marsano (SCOPE), Executive Board Liaison
Cathy Monteiro (Westerville EA)
Nick Rediger (Westfall EA)
Billie Sarich (Grandview Hts. EA)
Isabel Bozada (Reynoldsburg EA)
Chuck Steinbower (SCOPE)
Vivian Brown (OEA-R)
Diana Tisdale (Westerville EA)
Dawn Villares (Lakewood TA)
Russell Hughlock – Staff Liaison